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Zoho Alliance PartnerWhether you have an existing system in place, or are looking to launch a new one, there are certain traits that ring true with most of our clients.

  • “We need to have a centralized system in place. No more copying and pasting into multiple systems that don’t talk to each other.”
  • “A system is needed to better track sales revenue and key metrics within our organization.”
  • “Our team is growing and we need to better manage that growth.”
  • “If it’s not intuitive and easy to use, then forget it.”
  • “I have to have all my information available on the road, as well as in the office. Mobile functionality is key.”
  • “We are very active on social media and need to better capture our audience into our CRM system.”

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Now that we know a bit about you, here is some of what we can make available to you:

  • Sales force automation
    • Customized modules (sections)
    • Permissions-based fields and modules
    • Product/service management
    • Price books
    • Sales quotes
    • Sales orders
    • Invoices
  • Activity Management
    • Tasks, calendar, call log, notes
  • Reporting
    • Simple customized views
    • *Complex reporting with PDF export or website embedding options
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Email and Calendar Sync
  • Workflow Automation
    • Task assignment rules
    • Field updates
  • Integration
    • Social media
    • Email Marketing Automation (Zoho Campaigns)
    • Bookkeeping
      • Zoho Books
      • QuickBooks Online
    • Inventory Management (Zoho Inventory)
      • E-commerce
      • Shipping
  • Marketing Automation
    • Email templates
    • Email opt-out
    • Website visitor tracking
    • Marketing emails
    • Auto responders
    • Zoho CRM for Google Adwords

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