Below are just a few examples of the projects we have done. As we are always hard at work creating marketing strategies that fit small businesses and non-profit’s like yours, so check back often as we update our portfolio.



A national retailer with stores in 34 states, needed visibility on their merchandise suppliers’ contact information pertaining to supply chain and logistics. We were able to collect over 8,000 individual contacts, then identify, segment and clean the data for upload into their own internal systems. In addition, we mapped the returns and warrantee location data with those particular contacts, as well as all of their HQ information with DBAs and vendor numbers.



Powering Up!
The National Farm To School Network hosts the National Farm to Cafeteria Conference every two years and this year the event was hosted in Austin, TX with local host Sustainable Food Center. Holistic Business Solutions acted in two roles; the volunteer liaison and operations for the speakers’ presentations.

NFCC Plenary Session

The conference was over 1,000 attendees and a sold out event. As Volunteer Liaison, we were tasked with organizing over 120 volunteers in over 140 specific roles, some of which required up to ten individuals per role. This entailed creating online sign up forms that could facilitate organizing both the individuals to their requested roles, as well as ensuring the roles were sufficiently filled.

Overseeing the speakers’ presentations and resource materials meant setting up an intake system up front to be able to clearly identify the 170+ files and any additional A/V room requirements for individual presenters. Adding complexity was the fact that there were up to twelve concurrent sessions running most days, which required organizing a system of presentation identification to quickly bring up the proper slide deck in each room and in consecutive order to each session. Some of the presentations had video files which required conversion and linking to the slides so that bandwidth issues were no longer a concern.

The event was an incredible opportunity to meet fantastic people that are realizing great change for fresh food in our cafeterias. If you’d like to view the presentations and materials, they are available on the National Farm To School Network’s website at www.farmtoschool.org/resources.



New Jersey Farm To School Network Logo

The NJ Farm to School Network needed a recognizable brand that would reflect the work for which they represented. The logo and colors were carefully chosen to signify the different aspects of the organization; green represents nature, environment, health, renewal and youth, whereas brown symbolizes earth, stability, outdoors, endurance and simplicity.

I Tweet For Food Program

The NJ Farm To School Network embarked on a multi-year training program that used social media to communicate local New Jersey produce availability directly to school food service professionals, and food service could directly communicate food demands to New Jersey farmers to facilitate an increase in local produce procurement to our school cafeterias. The program training materials, as well as on-site and virtual trainings were created as a step-by-step tutorial that included those who were new to social media.

Every year, the NJ Farm to School and EdibleJersey hosts the “NJ School Garden of the Year” contest, open to all schools throughout the state. Organizing this event meant coordinating large amounts of data and providing easy access for educators to upload large photo files and documents, as well as making all of this data available to the judges. CLICK HERE to read how we accomplished this. Want to see how it affects change? CLICK HERE to watch the two minute video.




Zoho CRM

A professional PR firm was looking for a way to better segment their client industries and track their sales pipeline. As this firm was small in staff, they needed a system that was manageable to oversee and easy to use. As the managing partner also did quite a bit of public speaking, she needed a system that could work for her wherever she was.

We customized a Zoho CRM system to meet those needs. In addition to working on a remote virtual network, we integrated it with their Outlook so they could continue to send and receive emails as they were used to. And while traveling? We loaded the CRM mobile app on their devices so the information was with them wherever they were traveling.