Next Steps

What Now?

Now that you’ve completed the intake form, our next steps will look like this:

  1. Schedule an in-depth consultation.
    • This will be a 2 hour meeting for which there is a $200 consultation fee (applied as a credit toward signed agreements).
    • Click the “Book Now” button to schedule your consultation. It will schedule an hour, but we will adjust the time and decide on the meeting location.
      • Please note that pop-up blockers will prevent this from working properly. Also, you’ll need to allow for cookies from this site (who doesn’t love a good cookie?).
  2. Email of Understanding
    • This is an in-depth email expressing all of the known attributes, outlining the scope of the project and asking for clarity for any unknowns. Once approved, we move on to the third step.
  3. Formal Proposal
    • This outlines the project, scope, timeline steps, cost and payment arrangement.

Upon acceptance, we schedule a date to get started on your project.

Have questions? Feel free to reach out. We love inquiry!