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“How do I…?” is a common phrase heard among CRM users. We are here to help! Join the HBS Data Diva as we dive into specific topics and show you step-by-step how to get those tasks done.







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When importing currency into Zoho CRM from n Excel sheet, be sure to format your numbers as “Number” and uncheck the “Use 1000 Separator (,)” box.





Creating Email Templates and Sending Emails through Zoho CRM (new UI)

Creating an email template is a great way to ensure your messaging stays true to the brand or strategy, while still allowing you to customize that message to the unique individual. In this video, we’ll show you how to create segmented lists of contacts, create email templates, then send the emails to the list.

Program Resources:

Setting up your email signature in Zoho CRM
Zoho CRM Signature

List Importing – It’s All in the Details

You’ve recently been to an event and you have a list of leads to enter into your CRM. How do you ensure your data goes in so you can search, report and examine with ease?

Program Resources:

State/Province and Country Code Abbreviations




Holiday Cards – How to Manage the Data

Are you wanting to send custom holiday cards to your clients, your prospects and your collaborators? Whether you have the right data now or are looking to get ready for the future, we’ll show you how to correctly identify your contacts and collect the information you need. Then, we’ll show you how to mail merge those lists into labels to add to the envelopes!

Program Resources:

PC-based Mail Merge

Mac-based Mail Merge








Card Scanner by Zoho Corporation

Card Scanner is a business card scanning application from Zoho that extracts information from business cards and lets you save the extracted information to Zoho CRM as a Contact or a Lead, Contact Manager, Invoice and Books.

The app can extract data from business cards in multiple languages. This includes English, English (UK), French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Dutch.


Doc Scanner by Zoho CorporationDoc Scanner by Zoho Corporation

Convert a document as an image to pdf using Doc Scanner. Take a photo of a document and let Doc Scanner convert it PDF.

Download the scanning engine which lets you take a photo of a document and extract the content as editable text and lets you save it to Zoho Docs in docx format. The scanned image can also be saved to Zoho Docs as an image as well as a PDF document.

The app can extract data from documents in multiple languages. This includes English, Chinese, French, Dutch, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.


ZohoVault-iconZoho Vault – Password Manager by Zoho Corporation

Zoho Vault iPhone app helps you securely retrieve passwords and other secrets anytime, anywhere. The app has been designed to ensure both ease-of-use and the highest level of information security and privacy. The app facilitates secure offline access too enabling users to retrieve passwords even without internet connectivity. Zoho Vault is an online password manager that helps you store, share and manage all your sensitive data, including passwords, online credentials, identities and others in a centralized repository.





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