2016 Has Been a Wild Ride

Philly running in Saratoga

Variation on original photo by Alex Evers/Eclipse Sportswire

I woke up this morning in a reflective mood. 2016 happened like a filly giving her all down the Saratoga race track – the sweat, running in circles and the adrenaline.

There were several speaking engagements, including a workshop where we helped a room of 50 individuals (small business leaders, executive directors of nonprofits and a university dean) better understand how marketing was only one piece of the pie and you needed to follow through to the end (lead conversion and sales) to measure real results. The white paper will be released in 2017.

This past February, we helped facilitate my daughter’s science fair project with access to a code platform that allowed her to develop her own anti-bullying app. Although she was unable to test it in school with live testing, her feasibility study won her first place in Mercer County’s elementary division. She will be pursuing a private school environment for live testing in 2017…

The March issue of MidJersey Business Magazine highlighted our advise to other women in tech.

The 8th National Farm to Cafeteria Conference brought 1,100 attendees, and with it, the implementation of a first time mobile app, an integrated registration with a new CRM, an online, self-driven volunteer management tool and realtime web embedded reports.

Our Data Diva persona was born and, under the brand, several training videos and highlighted useful resources were released.

We volunteered our services to two area organizations, including the CYO Bromley Center and Fernbrook Farms Environmental Education Center. Neither had anything to do with technology, but focused on engaging children:

Summer brought us the CYO summer camp kids, where 50 youth ages 5 to 9 were taught how to build two 4′ x 4′ raised garden beds, how to mix soil (vermiculite, peat and compost), plant seeds, identify beneficial versus harmful insects, care for the growing plants, and harvest the produce. They asked great questions and were so excited to participate.
This past fall, the Fernbrook Farms 5k Farm Run and Mini Mile Fun Run were organized to benefit their Environmental Education Center and raise funds for inner city camp scholarships. We built their brand and created a new website under the brand – www.FernbrookFarmRun.org
Our staff has expanded to include a technical trainer and a development team to handle the increase in custom application integrations.

So in my moment of reflection, I am grateful for the multitude of experiences and opportunities. HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2017… here we come!

– Sheri

P.S. If you’d like a copy of the above mentioned white paper, please reach out. I’ll add you to the list for the release.

P.P.S. If you know a private school that would be willing to discuss the testing environment for my daughter’s app, please reach out.