From Business Card to CRM: Card Scanner App

2015-07-17_CardScannerIn a fast moving digital world, I found myself collecting physical business cards at networking events. I have loads of them. Each has a little reference note written on it to remind me of the conversation surrounding our encounter. But as a CRM business owner, paper cards have little or no value to me sitting in a box on the shelf. How am I supposed to follow up with these potential leads and nurture my relationships from a shelf in my office?


I have tried many card scanners. I used to use one that did a pretty good job on scanning the information correctly, but it forced me to upload it into their program, then run an export report and import that into my CRM. Too many steps!


I recently found that Zoho Corporation made a mobile application called “Card Scanner.” The accuracy is just as good as the previous app I had been using (some cards just require a bit of adjusting) and edits to the information are easy to navigate, but the real feature is that after I scan the card, I simply click “Save,” then choose my sync service. The options are Zoho CRM, Zoho Contact Manager, Zoho Invoice and Zoho Books. When I choose Zoho CRM, it asks me whether I want to add it to Leads or Contacts. I click “Save” and in it goes.


Now, when I attend a networking event, I can simply scan their card and it goes right into my Leads module where I can follow up and nurture to my heart’s content.
You can access the Card Scanner app for a fee of $4.99 from the App Store (Apple) or Google Play.