Zoholics Developers Conference

FailureI spent last week in sunny Pleasanton, CA for the 2015 Zoholics Developers Conference to gain increased knowledge about the Zoho Reports application.This is a powerful tool that can take data from multiple sources, including spreadsheets, local databases, cloud storage, Google Analytics and more to produce rich insights and analytics for your business.

Why should you care? CRM systems are designed to manage your customer relations, provide pipelines for sales and allow you to target your marketing efforts. It should automate much of the processes to keep you on top of your tasks, schedule events and log calls and emails. All of this is just a variable dumping ground without the ability to pull reports and analyze the data.

Even if you do use your CRM to its fullest potential, you probably have data in other locations. Perhaps you are using third party systems that do not integrate with your CRM, or a strategic partner holds data that they share with you. If you are a consultant, perhaps your client has information they share with you that needs reporting. How thorough is your reporting? How deep can you go? Can you report and compare across multiple sources?

If you are interested in learning more about how to analyze your data in rich reports, feel free to CONTACT US.