One of My Favorite Apps

I consider myself to be eco-minded. I am also one of those people that love to organize, create lists and color code everything. How do I reconcile all of those in both my professional and personal life? I have found an app that has really helped me get organized and free of carrying the dreaded heavyweight bag. It is called Notability. Now, for all of you Android and Blackberry users, I am sorry. This is an Apple only app.

Notability AppI use it when I take classes, make grocery lists, need to edit a PDF document or visit clients. The versatility and features of this app make me wonder why I would ever need paper again! The best part is, I can handwrite my notes.

Let me take you through an example. I recently wrote an article for a magazine. I had a few supporting documents that I wanted to review and take notes for my research. Super easy. I simply loaded the PDF documents into the app, then highlighted and scribbled notes when I found some down time. When I had all I needed, I emailed (from the app) those same documents back to myself and all of my notes and highlights were there.

Another example is a client visit. This client had several practical applications for branding and identification pieces he had planned. In order to remember all of the visuals I would need to reference, I snapped photos and made notes to remind me of the scope of the project. It reduced unnecessary back-and-forth Q&A and allowed me to effectively present him with ideas he liked while not having to disturb his day-to-day workflow.

If you are more of an auditory personality, you will love the voice note option. I often have ideas that come into my head, then I get busy and they are gone. Very frustrating… ARRRGGG. The voice notes allow me to record a quick note to refresh my memory later.

If you are one of the 63.2 million iPhone1 users or one of the 61 million iPad users in the US2, then I recommend you purchase this app. It is well worth the measly $2.99.

Have you priced a ream of paper lately?