Who is HBS and How We Can Help You

Who are you? (Mission Statement)
Holistic Business Solutions (HBS) advises to bring your marketing systems together to build a holistic integrated marketing solution that offers insight and drives measurable results that stay true to your organization’s overall mission.


What does that mean, really?
HBS can help your internal systems get organized. Regardless if you are an existing small business or someone looking to start or expand an organization, some of the biggest issues come from too many silos and not enough integration and visibility. We help you establish and streamline your processes and show you how to align your information for more internal visibility and greater insight so that your marketing efforts become more effective. We are really here to help you help yourself.


What sort of companies need your help?
We work with nonprofits and for profits. We work with government agencies as well as small sole proprietors. The issues are often similar in nature. Whether your marketing budget is a few hundred dollars a month or several thousand dollars a month, we look for ways to minimize your costs while improving your efficiency and effectiveness.


How does HBS work?
If you have a project where you need assistance, we can help. We also offer retainer work, becoming your marketing consultant. An initial consultation is done to determine the scope of the project, timelines, budgets and how much outside work or internal training will be required. After that, we will provide an estimate.

For more information about the breadth of our services, fees or to set up an initial consultation, please feel free to reach out to us.